what he had too say about all the letters ive wrote him <3 (:

Well I just sit down and read some letters and………my heart is filled with so much love and sadness u never know how much someone love’s u till they open there heart to u and tell u that your there one and only I read these letters and just balled my eyes out not because they where not all sad but because I feel so fucked loved my heart still skips a beat just like the first time I seen u it skips every time I see u baby my heart and soul is yours god could have not made a better mach for one another and I want u to know I know 13 months may seem like a life time but I promise it will go by so fast u won’t remember how long it took to wrap u in my arms just stay strong and keep writing baby baby baby always and forevermore keep your head up baby I love u so much I pray u know this the only woman who know the soft hatred me lol I love you boo boo always and forevermore

sent me away .

wow you wanna send me away cause you cant handle me and how i am and who i am, and cause u cant except me for who i am. wtf is wrong with you . hah . i will never for get this and never ever ever forgive you for it . and now ohh my goddd i just cant wait for 2014 haha . good thing its only 14.5 months away tilll im completly gone out of your life and then you wont have no more problems any more .